The guide2website.com is exclusively created with a view of how to make or create a website. Basically it is for the beginners for a step by step guide to the whole process of making a website. It also makes very few guesses about what you know about making a website. The website making is a step by step process I am going to discuss all the relevant information you need to click through and get more information.

The list of essentials for making a website

Choosing the right web host

How to design your web pages

Search Engine Optimization

How to make money from your website

There are so many ways your can earn from your web site. One of the best affiliate program is Google Adsense. If you want to earn money from your web site read my article on How to make money from your website and also list of affiliate programs that can be used to generate revenue from your website. These affiliates are constantly looking for new publishers for placing ads on their sites.


I agree the above process is not complete. But it is considered as basic for beginning a good web site. If you want more information you can read my articles on my website gude2website.com .